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polyurea coating spray technologyPolyurea spray technology is a plural-component, fast-setting elastomeric membrane system that provides for a monolithic, impervious layer. Various formulated systems address the numerous requirements related to secondary containment. This would include adhesion to the various substrates commonly encountered in these containment areas. For containment areas where solid substrates are not present, geotextile membranes can be supplemented with a layer of a polyurea system having low shrinkage characteristics.

The rapid set time of the polyurea spray technology allows for rapid return to service of the area in a variety of ambient conditions, including cold weather. The polyurea systems also remain flexible at very low temperatures thus eliminating cracking issues found in other liquid-applied coatings and installations of sheet material membranes.

For these containment areas, tanks and piping areas may be prone to leakage. However, it has been shown that the majority of leakages found in these areas are actually due to overfilling of the storage tanks. The may be due to faulty equipment or operator error.

The polyurea spray elastomer technology has been evaluated under the Florida DEQ requirements for secondary containment liner systems. The technology has passed this testing and is classified as an acceptable material for secondary containment lining material.

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