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secondary containment - seamless, flexible, durable liners

U.S. oil and gas drilling has been booming in recent years and the containment industry has been keeping up accordingly. With the advent of oil shale drilling via hydraulic fracturing, also known as hydrofracking or fracking, special concern needs to be placed on environmental responsibilities due to the nature of the chemicals used in the process.

The main application of polyurea in hydrofracking operations deals with the containment of fracking fluid. The hydrofracking process requires an exceptional amount of liquid to facilitate the extraction of natural gas from shale. The fracking fluid must be stored on-site and prevented from contaminating the surrounding environment, especially the water supply, due to its inherently toxic properties.

Polyurea is ideal for containing fracking fluid, whether it's stored in a pit or a tank. For pit installations, polyurea can be spray-applied to a geotextile liner, or even directly to the ground, to provide a seamless, monolithic barrier between fracking fluid and the environment. For tank installations, polyurea can be applied to a tank's interior or exterior--or both--to provide a continuous impermeable layer of spill prevention.

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